Erotic SnuffboXXX - Leda and The Swan

Circa: 1780
Size: 2 3/4" D
The composition of this snuffbox is first rate, being of tortoiseshell with finely painted miniatures of gauche on ivory. The cover depicts a famous French painting by Francois Boucher, entitled Leda and The Swan painted 1741/42. The subject is based on the Greek myth and interpretations have been painted for centuries. Typically, the subject is portrayed with a phallic swan who overtly or with some subtlety sexually overtakes Leda. Boucher's interpretation was a bit of a sensation, as he portrayed the scene in a much more Sapphic nature. The artist of this box copied Boucher's painting and continued the narrative in the secret bottom panel and painted what everyone saw in their (dirty little) mind's eye. Condition: Excellent.

Price: SOLD