Jack Youngerman (1926 - 2020) | Untitled: Yellow, Black & Blue

Oil on canvas
Dated: 1958
Size: 19" x 19" (sight) | 20" x 20" (artist made frame)
This early, painterly work by Jack Youngerman was done while he was living at Coenties Slip in lower New York City. He had just moved from Paris to New York on the urging of gallerist, Betty Parsons, who gave him his first NYC gallery show in 1958. The back of the painting is inscribed in black oil paint, "To G * D from J * D XMAS 1958." The painting was a Christmas gift from Jack and his wife, the actresss, Delphine Seyrig to his friends Gerry and Dolores Matthews, who lived in the same building at 27 Coenties Slip.

These early works by Youngerman are very painterly and show heavy brushstrokes versus his flat, acrylics of his work in the 60s and 70s.

Jack Youngerman emerged as a prominent figure in the abstract expressionist movement in the 1950s and 1960s. Youngerman's time in Coenties Slip exposed him to a vibrant community of artists that included Agnes Martin, Robert Indiana, Ellsworth Kelly, and James Rosenquist, among others. They challenged each other, providing support and inspiration in their pursuit of artistic excellence.

I would highly recommend, The Slip: The New York City Street That Changed American Art Forever, by Prudence Peiffer. As Youngerman was one of the last of the Coenties Slip artists still alive during Peiffer's research and writing of the book, Youngerman provided first hand insight into that time.

Provenance: Provenance: Gift from Jack Youngerman and Delphine Seyrig to Gerry & Dolores Matthews Xmas 1958.


Condition: Excellent framed in a white flaot frame with the original artist-made frame intact.

Price: please inquire