The Key To My Fantasy

Pen & Ink on canvas board
Circa: 1960-1970
Size: 16” (w) x 20” (h) (sight)
This is a remarkable illustration by an as of yet unidentified artist. The adeptly rendered nude figure and intricate design are masterfully worked and executed. It appears that the male figure to the center-left is a self-portrait and the large woman in the center and little vignettes are the same woman. A key is illustrated to the bottom center-left.

Atypically, the substrate is canvas board (not paper or bristol board). The artist must have used a steel pen versus a mechanical rapidograph-type pen as the tips would have broken over and over. I have not been able to find another accomplished pen and ink drawing on a canvas board substrate—it is just not a favorable surface for ink—though in this instance it gives the drawing a wonderful texture and causes the ink to reflect in a way that makes it feel like embroidery.

The work is reminiscent of the Underground Comix artists of the 1960s/70s, but I have not been able to attribute it to any of those artists.


Condition: Excellent. Floated in a black wood frame.

Price: $3,800.00