Exceptional Folk Art Painted Snake Eating Frog Cane

Likely Southern
Circa: 1900
Size: 38 1/2” (oal)
The painting on this cane is really eye-popping—bright and multi-patterned. The thinly carved stick has a pommel top and paint silimar to peacock feathers. A snake is entwined around the shaft and has a frog in its' mouth—and the poor frog is grasping his tiny arms around the stick. A small lizard is biting the snake at the tail.

This cane is by an unknown, known hand—in that I have identified at least six by the artist's stylistic carving, eye-popping paint and they all have a pommel top. One of was in the seminal exhibit, Folk Sculpture USA, at the Brooklyn Museum, 1976. Another, I had a few years ago with two snakes meeting in the middle, one was in the Levin Collection and two others are in private collections. I know that two were "found" in the South.

With custom, low profile, wall mount.


Condition: Excellent with minor wear from age and use as shown in the images above.

Price: SOLD