George Ohr (American 1857-1918) | Snake Mug

Script signature, "G. E. Ohr"
Glazed earthenware with large serpent, reddish speckled burnt sienna glaze, olive interior
Circa: 1895
Size: 4 3/4" × 5 3/4" | 12.1 x 14.6 cm
This large George Ohr mug features a large snake/serpent that wraps itself halfway around the body. The body of the snake is heavily scored to represent an exaggerated slinking of the reptile. Ohr regarded himself as an artist and his work challanged the utility of the ceramic craft, he aimed to create intimite sculpture that challenged traditional notions of pottery.

Ohr, widely known as the "Mad Potter of Biloxi," was a remarkable artist whose innovative pottery approach challenged his time's conventions. His journey as an artist eventually led him to become the most influential figure in American ceramics. Ohr's artistic legacy extends far beyond his pottery—his daring and unorthodox approach to art continues to inspire contemporary artists.

Provenance: Collection of Dr. Ellis F. Rubin and Suzanne Borow Rubin

Condition: Excellent.

Price: $6,800.00