Folk Art [Woodlands] Carved Grizzly Bear

Iowa (possibly Mesquakie / Meskwaki)
Circa: 1875
Size: 10 7/8” (l) x 6 5/8” (w) x 6” (h)
Large one piece carved sculpure of remarkable character and surface. The hefty bear is down on all fours with one hind leg coming through to the front.

Based on extensive experinece with both Woodlands carvings and "white man" folk art, I am inclined to believe that this exquisite carving was carved by a Mesquakie / Meskwaki native (who had a presence in Iowa). The sensitivity of line, character and wood surface are hallmarks of reverence to both the creature and craft.

A note on the underside reads, "This Swiss [Grizzly] Bear Was Carved By An Iowa Swiss Farmer From Native Willow About 1875 And Given To His Neighbor, Edw[ard] Martin, Who Gave It to His 4 Year Old Nephew, Edw[ard] R. Martin in 1879, Who Gave It To His Grandson Tommie Dorsey, In 1948."

Surface is untouched, oxidized and maintains a “benchmark” dark, sensual patina—it illustrates why wood lovers love wood!

Condition: Excellent with wear commensurate with age.


Price: $7,400.00