Exceptional Red Painted Hutch Table with Scrolled Arms

Circa: 1780-1800
Size: 48" x 40 1/2" x 28" (with top down)
I bought this table from the venerable dealer, Pam Boynton at set up during the 2006 ADA Show in Historic Deerfield. Pam bought it at Morrill’s in Maine in 1975 and immediately sold it into one of her best clients collection—she just got it back before the show and then I bought it. I’ve had it as my dining room table from then until this past summer. So it’s never really been "out" since 1975.

It is the only hutch table that I’ve seen with scroll carved arms like a Windsor chair. It is beautifully made—a real craftsman’s piece with dovetailing, wood pegs, mortise and tenons, and balance.

The arms appear to be birch (which is plentiful in Maine) and the rest is pine with remains of red paint to the exterior and the underside of the table top.

The top also has double cleats which is unusual and close perfectly over the arms of the seat.

I love the opposing half moons under the arms and at the base/legs. The back corners of the top are clipped at the corners for some reason (but made that way - original).

The one drawer is dovetailed and the seat has large mortise and tenons, while the arms are pegged through. The bottom of the seat is dovetailed (and look at that masterful dovetail!). The breadboard ends are also pegged.

The two piece top has a very generous overhang which accomodates comfortable seating. Used as a seat it is quite comfortable and has a dramatic presence.

Provenance: Morrill’s, Maine, 1975; Pam Boynton 1975; Private Collection 1975-2006; Pam Boynton


Condition: Excellent with original red paint and a beatiful, complex, well patinated top. Wear appropriate to over two hundred years of use and a few early screws to the top and a few wrought nails to the breadboard ends.

Price: $14,500.00