Rare African American Crib Quilt

Circa: 1930s
Size: 24” (w) x 39” (h)
A strong and quietly complex quilt composed of orange/red, brown and tan overlapping rectangular pieces of wool composed to create a harmonic composition. Great size (not so huge).

African American “bars variation” quilts are a vibrant and culturally significant form of textile art that has deep roots in the African American community. These quilts are characterized by their striking geometric patterns, often featuring bold, contrasting colors and intricate stitching. The term "bars variation" refers to the distinctive use of bars or strips of fabric, which are creatively arranged to create visually captivating designs. These quilts have a rich history dating back to the time of slavery when African Americans used their quilting skills to communicate messages and preserve their cultural heritage. Over the years, this art form has evolved and adapted, reflecting the diverse experiences and creativity of African Americans. Today, African American bars variation quilts continue to be a powerful expression of identity, history, and artistic innovation.

Provenance: Hill Gallery; Private Midwestern Collection.

Condition: Excellent with wear commensurate with age including some fading of fabric in the center areas. Professionally mounted on black fabric with a hard substrate and stretcher bars.

Price: $6,800.00