Folk Art Assemblage - Klimt’s Kan Kollage

Various tin can lids mounted to a board
Circa: 1930
Size: 23" (h) x 31" (w) [sight]; 25 1/4" (h) x 33 1/4" (w) [frame]
An assemblage of various tin can lids composed in an overlapping pattern, each meticulously nailed around the perimeter—like numbers on a clock face. Framed and presented as a painting/wall hanging. Shown in different light and shot with different cameras above—depending on how the light catches the lids, it subtly changes throughout the day.

The whole is reminiscent of Klimt’s work with silver and gold foils and reads as a macro-detail of some of his paintings.

Condition: Excellent with a few tacks missing from the perimeter. Framed in a hardwood frame.

Price: SOLD